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Dragon of Atlantis is a strategy game about empire building designed and published by Wonderhill. The game has also been launched on facebook. The dragon of Atlantis requires the users to select from the four given tribes named as Zolmec, Solerian, Primus, and Amazon. Each of the four tribes has mastery over different fields. After selecting a tribe, the player has to begin constructing an empire by earning and managing various kinds of resources. The players also have to raise troops to safeguard their kingdom and attack the enemies to conquer their cities and empires.

Dragon of Atlantis is a very thrilling and interesting game and users are induced to buy the game content to play more efficiently without interruption. Every player wants to enjoy the game fully but not everyone can afford to buy the game resources with original currencies. A dragon of Atlantis cheat is a tool which helps the gamers to get all the resources in the game without having to spend any money. It might sometimes cause serious difficulties for the users.

Dragons of Atlantis Hack Download

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